I am an American who has a keen interest in the Middle East, I attended University in Europe where I studied International Relations. My interest in the Middle East stems from my upbringing in a Reform Jewish household in a small homogeneous town in rural America. I grew up a supporter of Israel and Israeli policies due in a large part to my lack of knowledge of the reality on the ground in the region and through my education, never thought to question the lessons I learned in Hebrew school, American popular culture and family conversations.

This all changed when I moved away from home, met individuals whose viewpoints invariably clashed with mine, and ultimately led me to question the narratives I was fed, and bought into from an early age. I can say that from the first moments I learned of the injustices being committed in my name I began a whirlwind process of learning, reflection and change that continues to this day. I have spent many months living and working in Israel and Palestine, largely because I needed to see with my own eyes what is constantly being talked about and to confirm or dispel what I had come to understand.

This blog is part of that journey, I hope to share and discuss with my readers the implications of contemporary events in Israel, the occupied Palestine territories and the larger MENA region as a whole.

Thanks for reading.


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