Will Lieberman become the new ‘King’ of Israel?

Veteran Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery posted a fascinating analysis of the mind behind Soviet turned Israeli, Avigdor Lieberman, and it does not bode well for future interactions with the government of Israel.

Titled ‘Cold Revenge’, Avnery goes down the list of members of the Knesset and Lieberman’s cabinet that have been recently and unceremoniously cast-aside. The article underscores Lieberman’s anti-democratic tendencies and leads me to believe the international community is in for a nasty surprise. 

Amongst many liberal American Jews, Lieberman’s name, when spoken, sounds almost like a curse. He doesn’t represent the ideals that they supposedly share with Israel, the fiction that has long sense been discredited, in fact, he is sometimes held up as a foil to Bibi, who when compared to Lieberman, looks like a moderate. Avnery brings up a striking point, which sent shivers down my spine and that is that is Bibi’s pairing with Lieberman all but locked in his coming electoral victory, but what happens when he tries to make a concession to appease the international community, already up in arms over his retaliatory plans to finally settle E-1. Lieberman will have the mandate, handed to him by his increasingly right leaning and fascist constituency to kick Bibi to the curb.

While Bibi may be still be considered the ‘King’ of Israel in the United States, he has been in power for too long and has taken his role in Israel for granted. The further the Israeli body-politic shifts to the right, the more likely Avnery’s prediction is likely to become true, Lieberman will jettison Netanyahu and the world community will inherit a far more intractable problem.

This week, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution once again calling for Israel to open its nuclear facilities to inspection and become a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty. The United States, once again, stood behind Israel and its undeclared nuclear weapons capability.  What will the world say when the lone nuclear power in the middle east, long armed by the United States and protected every step of the way, no longer responds to even the simplest of request; the nuclear-armed brat that slams the door in the face of her ever-loving mother. She is entering her teen years now.

There is no time like the present for the United States to take an evenhanded approach to its foreign policy in the region, the further that Israel shifts to the right, the less likely there is to be a peaceful outcome. With Lieberman at the helm and populist leaders taking the reigns throughout the neighborhood, it will not be long until another conflict breaks out. Will the United States come to its senses before it is too late to turn back? I sure hope so.